I’m a big transformers fan, and I loved the movie. I will not disagree with you about much of anything that you’ve written, but I’m so sick of people trying to pull the race card. It just so happens to be that all of Hollywood tries to create these characters that are apart of different ethnic groups for their movies. I don’t find any problem with the fact that the way he bowed wasn’t true to the native Japanese bowing. Respect the movie for the hours of fight scenes, and allow yourself to just have an imagination, and truly question that we probably are not alone. Silly humans.

Why I’m here, trying to stimulate my intelligent, and have good arguments.

Recently, I graduate college, and a lot of people see this as an important task in life, but for me it was just something I did. However, I did graduate with two bachelor degrees in four years. My main issue is that fact that I believe that I graduate ahead of most students in my program, and I’m looking for more. As I begin my journey hoping to soon be in the state that I actually want to live in, get settled, and then go to graduate school. My only issue lately is I believe I need something to stimulate my intelligence until then. I believe it’s easier to learn by teaching, but I also believe learning comes from arguing with people who have different opinions. So I guess I’m here to challenge other peoples opinions, and have people challenge mine.